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Hurricane Tutorial: Students will work with a partner and complete the online tutorial for the first part of this unit:


Handouts and Links


Parts of the Hurricane

Naming Hurricanes

Stages of Development

Rating Hurricanes - Saffir-Simpson Scale

Online Tracking

  • Current Hurricane Season

  • Hurricane Season  - Data

  • Tropical Cyclone Tracker - enter your hurricane's name and year for animated tracking:  

Printable Tracking Maps

Interactive Hurricanes

Hurricane Safety

Major Hurricanes

See links below

On-Line Quizzes

  • FEMA - Hurricane Math 

  • Sun-Sentinel Quiz  

  • Encarta Quiz 

Other Resources




Major Hurricanes


Research one of these deadly hurricanes and answer the following questions.  Then plot your hurricane using coordinates and a tracking map.



  1. When did your hurricane occur - month and dates.

  2. Where did your hurricane start?

  3. What states and/or countries bordered your hurricane from start to finish?

  4. Name the phases of your hurricane from start to finish.

  5. What was the monetary damage cause by your hurricane?

  6. Number of deaths?

  7. Pressure

  8. Wind Speeds

  9. Flooding, rainfall, water damage, etc