Title:  Determining the Mass (and Density) of Water.








Observations:   (Remember you title and the proper Units in the Data Table)




10 ml  Volume

of Water

____   ml Volume

of Water

Mass of EMPTY Graduated Cylinder



Mass Graduated Cylinder with water



MASS  of Water



DENSITY of Water Sample






  1. The mass of 10 ml of water is
  2. The mass of       ml of water is
  3. I would  predict that the mass of 100 ml
  4. What were some of the potential sources of error for your experiment?


Conclusion:  (at least 5 sentences)


Answer the following your lab: What do you think is the density of water?  What did you learn about the density of water?  What do believe would be the density of 1 million tons of water?  (5 sentences)