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Attention 8th Grade Parents and Students:     

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The Daily Internet Homework for each AIM is listed below:       

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  For Mr. Z's  Introductory Unit       



  Technology, Forces & Motion Unit (Key Idea #5)  



  Astronomy (Key Idea #1)    



  Properties of Matter (Key Idea #3)



  Chemical vs. Physical Changes (Key Idea #3.2) 


  Atoms, Molecules, and Compounds (Key Idea #3.3) 



  Types and Changes in Energy (Key Idea #4.1-2-3) 



  Magnetism & Electricity (Key Idea 4.4-5)



  Light and Sound (Key Idea 4.4-5)  



  The Three Spheres:  Litho, Hydro, Atmos (Key Idea #2.1)   



    The Earth and Plate Tectonics (Key Idea 2.2)



  For Mr. Z's  Weather Unit (Key Idea 2.2)



  For Mr. Z's  Metric & Measurement Review Unit        



 For Mr. Z's Cycles Review Unit



 For Mr. Z's Physical Science Unit Review Page         







               For an explanation of the New York State   Grades 5-8  Science Curriculum: