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The Daily Internet Homework for each AIM is listed below:       

(Click here for a Glossary of Science terms.)

Mr. Z's  Introductory Unit  Mr. Z's  Metric  Measuring Unit

Mr. Z's Scientific Skills Unit  

  For Mr. Z's Graphing Unit

Mr. Z's Scientific Method Unit  
Mr. Z's Egypt Unit (Force, Friction, Simple Machines) Mr. Z's Middle Ages Unit  
Mr. Z's Properties of Matter Mr. Z's Introduction to Energy Unit
Mr. Z's Technology, Forces & Motion Unit Mr. Z's  Introduction to  Waves, Light and Sound Unit
Mr. Z's  Chemistry Unit Mr. Z's Introduction to Heat Unit
  For Mr. Z's  Physics Unit
Mr. Z's  Weather Unit Mr. Z's Citizenship Unit
Mr. Z's Current Event's Project Mr. Z's Microscope Unit  
Mr. Z's Bunsen Burner Unit Mr. Z's  Density Unit
Mr. Z's Classification Unit  Mr. Z's  Ecology Unit   



               For an explanation of the New York State   Grades 5-8  Science Curriculum: