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Attention 12th Grade Parents and Students:     

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The Core Curriculum for Science in Society is Listed Below:


Students are required to print and review the necessary worksheets and reading assignments before class. Students are required to bring the above materials with them to class during the appropriately scheduled period *.


* The Science in Society Curriculum used below would not have been possible without the adaptation and inclusion of the work of Jessica Schust of the Great Neck North High School Science Department. 


Science in Society:  Class Expectations




CURRENT EVENTS:  (Due Every Thursday*)

***Current Events: Article Review Sheet***

Some Useful Site for Current Events

Current Events Sample Report


 ***Must be submitted each week with your current events report/article!


* Our test day is Friday !




Ms. Schust's Infectious Disease Unit:       Films: Bio-Terror, Small Pox,  Ebola

Bio Terror Worksheets Small Pox Reading Assignment  
Small Pox  Worksheets

Ebola Worksheets

Test Review



Mr. Z's Down's Syndrome Unit:                    Films:  Educating Peter, Graduating Peter

Educating Peter Graduating Peter

Downs Syndrome Reading #1   

Questions for Reading #1

Downs Syndrome Reading #2 Questions for Reading #2



Ms. Schust's Cloning Unit:                     Films: Human Genome, The Clone Age, Clone

DS: Human Genome Worksheets

Human Genome  Reading Assignment

Discovery School: The Clone Age

 National Geographic: Clone 

Discovery School: Designer Babies



Ms. Zim's Human Cloning Unit Extension:

Mr. Z's Cloning in Focus Activity: Computer Project
Hope Lepid Katie * Activity
Summarize the following articles in at least 8 sentences:
Clone on the Range #1 The Age of Cloning #2  
Cloning Gets Closer  Feb 2004 The Perils of Cloning July 2006
Would You Eat it? Dec 2006
Additional Films:  Boys from Brazil,  The Island



Mr. Zim's Food and GMO Unit:               

Film:  Harvest of Fear

Film Questions    Article:  Labeling of Food
Harvest of Fear: Interviews   (web) Harvest of Fear: Interview Sheets   (.doc)

Film:  Super-size Me  

Film Questions Film Questions #2


Mr. Zim's Zoology Unit:                                                 Film:  In the Womb - Animals
Film Questions     





Ms. Schust's Science in Society Topics:

Electric Heart Worksheets Gift of life Worksheets Save a Life Worksheets
Achondroplasia Worksheets Progera Film1 Ws and Film2 Ws

Boy or Girl Worksheets

Virus Flu  Bacteria Study Sheet    
Body Story Flu Worksheet Virus WS Bacteria WS





Mr.Zim's Disease Unit:         Films: Banished w/ Leprosy, Meningitis - Killer Disease

Leprosy Question Sheet

WHO: Question Sheet

WHO: Reading (Back-up)

Meningitis Question Sheet MFA: Question Sheet NMF: Question Sheet
Play Clip MFA: Reading NMF: Reading
In the News !




Mr. Z's Bioethics: Genes and ...  Unit:

Bioethics:  Body Type Read about Amy and Beth More about Twin Studies


Amy and Beth Questions

Twin Studies Worksheet
Bioethics:  Environment    
Bioethics: Personality    




Mr. Z's Gene Therapy Unit:

DNA Basics Gene Therapy #1 Gene Therapy #1 WS

Internet Research Project

Case Studies

Values Exercise





Mr. Z's Stem Cell Unit:

Opening Activity Internet Research Project Town Meeting
Case Study Take Home Quiz




Mr. Z's Genetics of Health Unit:

Internet Research Project  WS Activity On Line Activity



Mr. Z's Environment Awareness Unit:

March of the Penguins Movie Review Sheet All About Penguins
An In convenient Truth Movie Review Sheet Discussion Overview
  Penguin Quiz Truth Quiz





Mr. Z's  Metric  Measuring Review Unit  


Mr. Z's Scientific Skills Review Unit