Print this sheet.  

Answer all of the questions below by writing in the correct answer on the lines provided.  The best way to answer each question is to do an Internet search using GOOGLE, and then try to “narrow” your search using good search techniques.  GOOGLE offers a help section to show you how to “narrow” your search criteria.


I.              Physics Trivia

1. Who proposed the law of motion that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction?

 A. Albert Einstein           B. Isaac Newton                 C. Galileo                     _____________________

What did the other two scientists discover ?


2. Which branch of science deals with the study of motion, forces, & energy?

A. Physics             B. Chemistry                    C. Astronomy                                            _____________________

What did the other two branches of science over ?


3. What are Newton’s

A.      1st Law  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

B.      2nd Law  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

C.      3rd Law ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

4.Define electromagnetic spectrum:  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

5. What is meant be sound that are

 infrasonic. _____________________________________________________________________

ultrasonic.  _____________________________________________________________________

6.  Halley’s Comet was seen most recently in 1985-1986. When is it expected to return? ____________

7. About how long does it take sunlight to reach the Earth:                                                       ____________

II             Earth Science Trivia

8..  Where are the Mammoth Caves located                                                   __________________

9. What is the tropic of Cancer?


10. What is the tropic of Capricorn?


11   Define latitude.


12. Define Longitude.


13.                What is an equinox?


14.   Which instrument is used to measure wind speed?

A. Psychomotor    B. Anemometer C. Barometer                                                                            ______________

What do the other two instruments measure?  _______________________________________________              


15. Which does each term refer to ?

polar          .            _____________________________________________________________________

solar                       _____________________________________________________________________

lunar                       _____________________________________________________________________

stellar                     ___________________________________________________________________


III        Geology Trivia

16. What do we call a scientist who studies fossils from dinosaurs?

A. Geologist B. Archeologist C. Paleontologist                                                                             _____________


What do the other two types of scientists study _____________________________________________



17. What type of animals are Vertebrates?    __________________________________________

18. What type of animals are invertebrates? __________________________________________


IV            Scientists & Inventions Trivia

19. Which of the following scientists studies animals?                                                              _____________

A. Botanist, B. Zoologist, C. Geologist                           

What do the other two scientists study?             ____________________________________


21.  What does a vulcanologist study?                            ___________________________________________

22. Which of the following scientists studies insects?

A. Mycologist, B. Ornithologist, C. Entomologist                                                                         ____________   

What do the other two scientists study?             __________________________________


23. Albert Einstein was a scientist famous for his work on physics.

Where was he born?                                                                                           ________________

What year was Einstein born?                                                                           ________________

24. Which of the following scientists studies the oceans?

A. Oceanographer, B. Astronomer, C. Meteorologist                                                   ______________

What do the other two scientists study?             _________________________



25. Robert Bakker is a famous paleontologist. What did he study?

 A. Gorillas                      B. Birds                 C. Dinosaurs                                                                      ___________

26. Which of the following animals did Diane Fossey spend her life protecting?

 A. Bengal Tigers, B. Mountain Gorillas, C. Koala Bears                                                                    ___________

Where did she do most of her study?                                                                              ___________________

27.  What does a herpetologist study?         

A. Insects            B. Birds                 C. Reptiles                                                                                      ___________

28. What does a lepidopterist study?

A. Beetles, B. Bees and wasps, C. Moths and butterflies                                                                   ___________

29. Which of the following scientists would study motion, forces, & energy?

A. Physicist               B. Chemistry                 C. Biologist                                                                     ___________

What do the other two scientists study?             ____________________________________


30. What do we call the study of solar system and the objects in it?

 A. Astrology, B. Astronomy, C. Meteorology                                                                                    ___________

What is the study of the other two branches of science?             ____________________________________


31. Which scientist would study rocks and minerals?

A. Geologist, B. Botanist, C. Meteorologist                                                                                         ___________

What do the other two scientists study?             ____________________________________


32. Which of the following is NOT a branch of biology?

A. Botany, B. Zoology, C. Seismology                                                                                            ___________

What do theses words above mean?     __________________________________



33. Who is credited with the discovery of penicillin?

A. Dr. Charles Drew          B. Sir Alexander Fleming           C. Dr. Edward Jenner      _____________

What did the other two scientists invent or discover? __________________________________________


34. When was the world’s first computer turned on?    

 A. 1936      B. 1946       C. 1956                                                                                                           ______________

35. Which inventor is known for the creation of air conditioning?

A. Perry L. Spencer                     B.   W. H. Carrier                   C.   Elisha G. Otis          ______________

What did the other two scientists  invent or discover? __________________________________________



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