Directions for Scientific Method I: 


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1.      The ideas of science are tested with a process called the _________________________________________________

2.      Modern Science uses the scientific method to enable us to have a better understanding of the ______________________________________________

3.      However, the number of steps is not as important as the ______________________

4.      The scientist then asks a question such as to how or why does the process work. Based on the knowledge gathered a _______________ is proposed.

5.      The hypothesis is a ___________ _____________ of an observation. Often times several hypotheses are generated. Hypotheses are ____________ _____________ .

6.      Hypotheses are tested with an ________________  or by ____________    ________

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7.      What do scientists know about some artificial sweeteners? __________________________________________________________________

8.      What is the name of the sweetener in this experiment? _______________________

9.      What was the hypothesis? _______________________________________________

10.  Describe the experiments conducted with the rats: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

11.  What was the difference between the control group and the experimental group? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

12.  What was the difference in the results of the experiment in regards to the two different groups? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

13.  What was the conclusion? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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  1. What are the three “background observations”



  1. What hypothesis was developed? ___________________________________________


  1. Name and describe the two different groups of this experiment:




  1. What were the results of the experiment in regards to the two different groups.




  1. What was the conclusion reached? __________________________________________



Click the link:  Test by Observation

19.  What are the three background observations?




  1. What is a Karyotype ___________________________________________


  1. What is a trisomy? _______________________________________________________


  1. What trisomy is associated with Down’s Syndrome? ___________________________


  1. What is the prediction of the hypothesis? ________________________________________________________________________


  1. What two ways did they test the hypothesis?



  1. What was the conclusion of this experiment?



  1. What is the cause of Patau Syndrome?




Click the link:  Theories and Laws

What is the difference between a theory, fact, or law?


Click the link:  Rejection

Who was Lamark? _______________________________________________________

What did he propose? ____________________________________________________

What did Lamark propose about the giraffe baby? _______________________________________________________________________

What did Lamark propose about the child of a blacksmith ? ________________________________________________________________________

Who was Lysenko? ________________________________________________________________________


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Question 1

What are the observations Frank makes?


What is Frank's hypothesis?


How does Frank test his hypothesis?


What is the conclusion about Frank's hypothesis?


Question 2

What are the observations about elephants?


Give a possible hypothesis about elephant matriarchs that can be tested.


Question 3.

How could the scientists test the hypothesis about elephants?


Question 4

 What is the difference between a hypothesis and a theory?


Question 5

What is the difference between a law and a theory?


Question 6

What is a scientific fact?


Question 7

Are theories elevated to laws?


Question 8

. How could the scientific method be used to determine the validity of this idea?


Question 9

We now know DNA is composed of two strands. Why was the Paulings hypothesis rejected?